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     علب عطور

    علب تمور و علب حلويات

    علب بخور و علب عود

    هدايا دعائية و هدايا شركات

    Even if the candles are not what we could call a “novelty” - we already found them in the tomb of Tutankhamun - they will certainly be a winning product as a business gift with Christmas or the end-of-year celebrations in Belgium.
    In the last year or two, we have been doing a lot more actions with candles than before. The time when candles were only used for novenas is therefore clearly a thing of the past.

    Would this respond to the legitimate tendency to put more emphasis on the work-family balance? Does not a candle symbolize after all "time for oneself"? We indeed associate candles with the fact of "living in the moment", with a convivial and pampering moment spent with family or friends and with romanticism. All you have to do is type "cocooning" on Google and you will literally be bombarded with candles.

    Could it be because Christmas is the "festival of light"?

    Or is it good to offer printed candles because it is not just a business gift that is associated with work, like pens or speakers?


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